‘It is a fine land which we call our home. Its shape is well-rounded, the land is fertile, and the fish are abundant. Were it not for the stench of barbarians from the North, I would say Etalos is a veritable paradise.’
-Paelleus Cipenser, Eblan Surveyor

Etalos is the name of the peninsula as given to it by the Eblans, the more advanced civilization on the land mass. It is fairly oval shaped. The Southern coast has many natural harbors and beautiful sandy beaches. The waters also teem with fish in the appropriate season. The rest of the coastline is rocky, with steep cliffs preventing easy access to the sea.

The Southern, Eastern, and Central regions are fertile grassland, great for farming. To the West and North, the landscape becomes more hilly and often wooded, rising in elevation. To the far North and Northeast are rugged mountains, as well as the connection of the peninsula to the mainland.

It is a temperate climate, with the hot summers and moderate winters. The highlands are a little cooler, but the mountains are quite cool, and remain covered in snow for a good portion of the year. The coast enjoys a nice air flow which is somewhat warm in winter and somewhat cool in summer. There are no major rivers, as the mountain waters flow into the sea along the Eastern coast, but there are some smaller rivers that crop up near the coast.

In the mountains to the NorthEast is a seemingly permanent magical poisonous gas cloud, hovering over an expansive graveyard of everything that has tried to pass through it. Scholars in Kalask have found a document, mysteriously named “The Shroud of Etalos” confirming the existence of the death cloud for nearly 60 years, although the document has no known origin.

There also appears to be a permanent mist over the ocean near the cliffs on the Northern coast, which hides some sort of physical barrier that is most likely magical.


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