Shroud of Etalos

High Tide
TIdes of Change

“A single breaker may recede, but the tide is evidently coming in.”

Thomas B. Macaulay

On April 14th, 119 EE, a strange ship pulled into harbor at Irkab, the largest Eblan port city. Its passengers were strange men; shorter than average, very tan, somewhat wrinkly, with lighter hair, dressed in hide armor and wielding weapons. Arrows flew from the deck towards the people at the harbor, while more soldiers poured out onto the nearby dock. Alarm bells began ringing, and town guards began rushing to the harbor, while the townspeople began evacuating back towards the city shelters. The Eblan army quickly formed a defensive line in the inner city, waiting reports on the alarm from the town guards and army scouts that had already left for the harbor.


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