A small peninsula, isolated from the mainland by a treacherous mountain range. A peaceful people living in the hills and highlands. An indulgent people living on the grasslands.

The people of Ebla have been fishers as long as they can remember. Previously content to remain along the Southern coast of Etalos, the peninsula, prosperity and population growth demanded they expand northward into the grasslands. They picked up farming, and continued spreading Northward until they hit the hills. It was then they met the other people of Etalos, the highlanders of Gallica. At first, they learned the shepherding and hill-farming skills of the people, while trading them fish. However, the Eblans considered the Galls to be inferior, and eventually the relations broke down and war broke out.

The war went on sporadically for 20 years, the Eblans slowly gaining ground. The Galls held their own, and even besieged some nearby cities of Ebla, but could not quite match the Eblans in combat. However, the people of Ebla began tiring of war, wishing to return to their prosperity and indulgence. So for the past 5 years, aside from the occasional enslavement raid, the war has been at a standstill. Forward outposts are still manned, but few patrols are made, and Galls are not even killed on sight anymore. Although the Galls are not happy with the Eblan enslavement practices, they avoid confrontation in order to preserve the delicate stalemate.

Shroud of Etalos

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